Did you know that by lengthening the life of our clothing from 1 to 2 years you can decrease their carbon footprint by 24%?! Care, Wear & Repair your clothes to make them look fabulous for a really long time!


Each garment is unique. Different fabrics and clothes require different care, that is why we have included a detailed 'care' section in each product page which will help you keep your clothes fresh and fabulous for a really long time.

80% of the emissions produced during the use stage of a garment's life cycle comes from washing and tumble drying. 

Wash less. Washing garments too often can actually cause damage to the fibres and hence decrease the lifespan. Think twice before washing your clothes.

Often it will just need freshening up, rather than throwing it in the wash bin, try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breath first!

Wash cold. To keep the fabric clean and soft and also prevent colour fading, wash clothes at a low temperature with a gentle and natural laundry detergent. Washing at 30° or less helps to reduce emissions, while also protecting your clothes. 

Air dry. It does not only smell great but it is also better for your clothes and the planet compared to tumble drying, which uses a lot of energy to run and can also damage certain fibres.   


Reusing is essential to minimising your fashion footprint, and we need to normalize rewearing outfits! We already have so many clothes in our closets, including many that we love and cherish. 

The average lifetime for a clothing garment in the UK is estimated to be only 2.2 years. Around £140 million worth of clothing ends up in a landfill each year! 

Try out new pairings and look for creative ways to combine them or organise clothing swaps with your friends!

Buying better quality clothing that is made to last⁠, garments that you will wear again and again, will help you build a long-lasting sustainable wardrobe.  


When it comes to inevitable wear and tear, often repairing can be as simple as sewing up a hole, replacing missing buttons or taking your shoes to a professional cobbler for new soles.

Lengthening the life of our clothing from 1 to 2 years decreases their carbon footprint by 24%! 

Many of our brands & designers offer to repair your garments. Check in the product information section and extend the life of your clothes!