Our Manifesto

What on Earth is an online boutique of carefully curated fashion brands, but more importantly it is a community of people who believe that fashion should not come at a cost, neither to the planet nor to the people who make them or to you. 

We believe in fashion that is beautiful inside and out!


While some might think the answer is obvious, the truth is there is no official definition that has been agreed upon. Sustainability means different things to different people. And the same happens with sustainable fashion. 

Our approach to sustainable fashion is holistic and involves the following elements:


Not all clothes are created equally. 

Up to 2/3 of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage: before the clothes have actually been made! 

Our brands consider the impact of their collections already at the design phase.

Life in plastic is not fantastic. 

Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s polyester fibre, which is now the most commonly used fibre in our clothing. But it takes... more than 200 years to decompose!

Our designers use mostly recycled and/or upcycled polyester and nylon for their collections.

No animal suffering. 

Cruelty is the worst of human sins, said Jane Goodall.

No animals should suffer, have suffered, or will suffer in the production of any of our clothes.

Proudly made by ____ 

Our brands are fully transparent about their business operations and supply chain.

Not only because they have nothing to hide, but because they are proud of the brands they have created! Shouldn't it always be this way?

It’s a material world. 

Why use materials that cost the earth when the earth provides better alternatives?

Nature is wise and offers all kinds of magnificent materials with various characteristics: durable, flexible, soft, absorbent…. Our collection is made exclusively of natural and innovative materials that do not cost the earth. 

Future is circular. 

Everything ends up somewhere. Our brands are committed to making garments last and expect you to love your clothes for many years to come.

But sometimes they break, or you do not want them anymore...when this time comes many of our brands offer year long product warranties, repair and give-back services so that you can send your garments back to them and they will make sure you give them a second life, via repairing, upcycling or recycling.

The devil is not in the retail. 

We believe that business can be a force for good.

By promoting companies that put social and environmental values at the core of their design and production, we support a more sustainable and circular economy.

The ocean is made out of tiny drops of water. 

Your money is also your vote.

Give it to companies and people that are building the world you want. If we would not buy from companies that do crap, brands will stop selling crap. Imagine the impact we will have if everyone comes on board!

Nobody is perfect. 

A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean perfect. Nobody is!

But by starting questioning brands and being curious about the origin of the products you consume, you will become a committed individual.